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Virtual & In-Home Personal Training & Consulting Simplified

At Pro Fitness Results, we pride ourselves on professionalism, reliability, and convenience. Our systems are designed to keep our clients accountable and motivated. We provide personalized Virtual Personal Training, In-Home Personal Training and Fitness Consulting services tailored to one's unique needs, goals and circumstances. All you need is either a preferred space with minimal equipment and/or a smartphone, tablet or PC. Scheduling your consultation to initiate an individualized plan can be done in just a few simple steps. 



We Deliver Exceptional Services


Do you prefer to workout with the supervision of your trainer in the comfort of  your home? If so, this is the option for you. With this option, I, Andrew Coffelt, a certified and insured fitness professional, will come to your home. This saves you time and is the most convenient way to getting the training that you desire. Let In-Home training allow you the flexibility and convenience that you need during your busy days. This is the most preferred option. 


Do you prefer to workout with your trainer via video conferencing? If so, this is the option for you. Any where you may be, Virtual Personal Training provides the answer. Do you travel a lot? Do you just want the guidance of your trainer while you work out? Virtual Personal Training will deliver. This option has picked up popularity post-Covid and is here to stay. All one needs is a phone, tablet or PC and either access to data or an internet connection. With this, no matter where the client is, they can still get the training that they desire.


What is Fitness Consulting?

Fitness Consulting is a different approach to traditional personal training. Through this method, you will conduct your individualized fitness program independently and on your own time while precisely logging your completions and progress on your own. You will be given the tools to succeed and you will meet with your trainer weekly or bi-weekly via video conference to make any applicable adjustments, to discuss your progress and to stay accountable. 

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